The Mindful Leader’s targeted, hybrid digital leadership development program leverages the power of mindfulness to boost your leadership skill development and help you foster leadership skills that transform your organisation.

The Mindful Leadership Development Programme

Mindful Leadership

The Mindful Leader hybrid digital program is housed in our Awakened Mind mobile application. It provides a scalable, behaviour-science, group based solution for leadership, values and culture development.

Our clients, from Novartis to Ernst & Young (EY), agree that they need an industry leading growth mindset, values-based culture. Until now there has not been a scalable, behaviour science-based method for achieving and maintaining it. Additionally, given the current COVID affected environment, our clients have expressed a need for culture or team development to be synergised with mental wellbeing efforts.

The app ensures an integrated pathway to a suite of mental wellbeing programs for all associates. The program consists of:

• Total commitment: 14 weeks; 26 hours of participation
• Self-paced e-learning (10 min / day)
• Group meetings in person or digital (60-120 min / fortnight)
• Built in support and accountability mechanisms
• Optional full 360 assessments

For an overview of the introduction module and the program content, download our Awakened Mind app off the IOS/Android app store and open The Mindful Leader Sample in Learn

Email us on for a copy of the programme brochure.

Awakened Mind; a curated mindful meditation app

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Leveraging his years of experience and expertise in this field, Michael and his tech team have created an interactive mindfulness app to boost this practice in workplaces around the world.

Containing curated resources that help users achieve stress-free, empowered, and more mindful states of being, the app is one of the most technologically-advanced solutions on the market. 

Featuring trademarked technology that trains the brain to develop healthier, more positive mindsets, users can avail themselves of the application’s resourceful Learning Center, guided meditation tracks, and Neurosync™ technology.

By using the app at home or at work, users experience the following benefits:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved stress management techniques
  • Increased productivity and focus 
  • Enhanced self-management skills
  • Better physical health and wellbeing
  • Improved communication, teamwork, and decision-making 
  • Greater empathy
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Better concentration and performance in the workplace
  • Genuine insight and transformation

With the sophisticated features of the Awakened Mind app, Michael’s goal is to help you transform your workplace, boost your self-development, improve your health and wellbeing, and get closer to becoming the best version of yourself. Find out more

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Discover the powerful secrets of effective business leadership and how to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness with this short and practical summary of Michael’s bestselling book.