How to Lead Great Workplaces

Workplace management is the single most important factor in creating and sustaining job satisfaction, productivity, and a healthy bottom line. In this article published in the The CEO Magazine, Michael Bunting explains how leadership behaviour is the ‘X factor’ in great culture, but, like anything, requires deliberate practice.

Appreciating people key to leadership

Leading effectively requires a solid understanding of how relationships underpin all leadership efforts. As documented in the book, Extraordinary Leadership in Australia and New Zealand: The Five Practices That Create Great Workplaces, if you want to provide extraordinary leadership you must be willing to appreciate people, for both what they do and for who they are. The two behavioural commitments associated with this leadership practice are recognising contributions by showing appreciation for individual excellence, and celebrate the values and victories by creating a sense of community.

As published in Sydney Morning Herald Business Day

Why leadership is different in Australia and five leaders who are nailing it

Australians are fiercely egalitarian. They don’t tolerate hypocrisy and they won’t follow leaders just because of their title. So people who can truly lead in Australia and gain the voluntary engagement of their staff, are worth learning…

Have you earned the right to lead in Australia?

What are the leadership challenges in Australia?  Are they unique to Australian leaders? How do you go about earning the right to lead others?

Our studies of thousands of Australian leaders, and their colleagues and direct reports, along…

How to practice mindfulness at work

IF YOU’VE ever wondered what Google, Target, Goldman Sachs, and Oprah Winfrey have in common, it is a commitment to mindfulness in their workplaces.

Once associated with a highly spiritual lifestyle set apart from the mainstream, mindfulness…

How to be an extraordinary leader

Trust pervades nearly every aspect of our daily lives and the foundation of leadership is trust. In our research, we’ve found that trust is one of the top factors that produce positive workplace attitudes.

Leaders realise…

Five crucial paths lead way to strong workplace engagement

Workplace engagement is the single most important factor in creating and sustaining job satisfaction, productivity and a healthy bottom line.

Research firm Towers Watson reports that organisations with high rates of engagement outperformed their sector benchmarks by…

How to Lead Transformation

Transformation is often a tough and usually brutal process, but it need not be so. Michael Bunting explores how leaders can make it easier and put rocket fuel into organisational transformation efforts

True leaders, great leaders, have the foresight to keep their people engaged, especially when it comes to the challenge of transformational change. Leaders need to get their communications right, new processes in place, consult with key stakeholders, organise training and so on. However, there is one key element in the change process that is all too often overlooked and undervalued. We call it modelling the way, meaning, “Are the leaders in the organisation modelling the behaviours needed for the challenge of change to succeed?”.

As published in Inside HR February 2015

Extraordinary Leadership in Action

Jim Zouzes, Barry Posner and Michael Bunting provide five mini profiles of leaders who are excelling in Australia.

AUSTRALIANS ARE FIERCELY egalitarian. They don’t tolerate hypocrisy, and they certainly won’t follow leaders just because they have a ‘leadership’ title or position….

Five practices help overcome the modern Australian leadership dilemma

Exemplary leadership requires a combination of five practices, incorporated into daily activities and exercises, according to new research.

Leaders in Australia face unique challenges stemming from Australia’s colonial history, where the…

Review: The Leadership Challenge Workshop Human Resources Magazine — February 2009

“The Leadership Challenge workshop was highly engaging, well structured, practical and inspirational”.

WorkSmart Australia, a specialist in leadership development, is the first company in Australia to be accredited and licensed to run The Leadership Challenge, which was interactive and challenging, with time for self-reflection on current practices and putting together ideas and actions on how we could live each of the practices.

Surprising Leadership Findings

A recent study conducted by bestselling leadership authors, John Zenger and Joseph Folkman, showed some surprising results. They collected 360° feedback and profitability data on a group of leaders in a large bank. They found:

  • the poor leaders…

Leadership Development is Character Development

Leadership is a relationship between those who aspire to lead and those who chose to follow. Sometimes the relationship is one-to-one. Sometimes it’s one-to-many. But regardless of whether the number is one or one thousand, leadership…

The Myth of Effective Leadership Techniques

A typical question prospective clients ask us is, “What leadership tools and techniques do you use?” This is certainly a relevant question, however it is also a revealing one. While effective tools and techniques are critical,…

Our first leadership tenet is “Know Yourself…”

Exemplary Leaders know themselves. To become self-aware takes courage and commitment, but the leader who knows oneself and others will have an enormous, positive impact upon an organisation.

Ask yourself the following questions to gauge the degree…

Practice, Practice, Practice

A few years back we did some research with Lillas Brown of the University of Saskatchewan on learning and leadership. We were looking at whether there was a relationship between how leaders learned and how effective…

The Genius of the Enneagram

Marshall Goldsmith is arguably the world’s best leadership / business coach. He gets paid huge amounts of money to help leaders change their behavior and to become more effective. What I love about his…

The Most Powerful Way to Use 360° Feedback (it may not be what you think)

It has been a quarter of a century since 360-degree feedback first began to sweep through corporate America. In that time, the technology and how it’s perceived has changed greatly—and is still changing.

Originally, 360 was a…

Speaking the Language of Emotional Intelligence

Let’s face it, when it comes to actually thinking and speaking differently we are challenging our entire life’s programming. We want to believe in the quick fix, the one course or one expert that will change …

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Discover the powerful secrets of effective business leadership and how to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness with this short and practical summary of Michael’s bestselling book.