With The Mindful Leader Foundations Course, you’ll learn how to integrate the scientifically-proven benefits of mindfulnesswith the world's most researched leadership practices.

The result is Mindful Leadership - a transformative model of conscious, authentic and compassionate leadership.

By leveraging the incredible power of mindfulness and applying these principles to leadership, you’ll achieve dramatic improvements in your leadership capabilities:

  • Make wiser decisions, treat people better, and proactively manage behaviour

  • See a huge boost in team engagement and effectiveness

  • Align with your values to be a leader that people trust and believe in

  • Inspire others with a shared vision that focuses on benefiting every stakeholder

  • Enable people to realise their full potential and let others shine

  • Foster a loving environment of kindness, joy and gratitude

  • Become genuinely more happy




Michael is the founder of prominent leadership consultancy WorkSmart Australia, a certified B Corp, and The Mindful Leader – the world’s most comprehensive online portal for all things Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership.

With a client-base that includes numerous global multinationals, Michael has trained thousands of leaders and is renowned as a world-leading authority on mindful leadership.

In 2015, Michael teamed up with the biggest names in the field of leadership research – Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner – to co-author Extraordinary Leadership in Australia & New Zealand. He has since authored two more groundbreaking books – The Mindful Leader and A Practical Guide to Mindful Meditation with Patrick Kearney.
Michael is one of only a few people in the world to teach Mindful Leadership at an Exec MBA level - at Sydney University’s award-winning program.
He has engaged in a disciplined personal mindfulness practice for over 23 years, and has taught mindful leadership to businesses and government for more than 16 years.

Take a look at some of the amazing feedback received for Michael's courses and his book,The Mindful Leader

"A great book for wise and effective leadership. Dynamic, insightful, practical and visionary." 

Jack Kornfield PhD*, author of The Wise Heart

*If you haven’t heard of Jack Kornfield, he is one of the most renowned and respected figures in the world of Buddhist mindfulness.


“Over the years I have been involved with many leadership programs but nothing compares to the work I have done with Michael Bunting over the past 12 months. Michael’s style is incredibly engaging and he has the ability to motivate many different management styles to reflect on their leadership and dig deep to uncover their key areas for improvement. The leadership skills he has imparted with me and a number of our senior leaders has been life-changing.”


Cheryl Maley, Commercial Excellence Director, Abbvie Pty Ltd 

Michael Bunting is at the cutting edge of a new wave of business leadership that is developing more conscious, responsible, and dynamic organizations. His brilliant book shows us that outward success and a life of integrity and compassion are completely compatible, and that a deeper integration of our outer and inner lives is necessary for the future of our planet. This is a book for all those who truly wish to find a way to live and lead more consciously in the business world.”


Russ Hudson, Co-author of The Wisdom of the Enneagram and Collaborator for The Awakened Company 

“Just when you think you’ve earned the experience and competency to lead your organisation, you “bump” into a dude like Michael Bunting.. You…find you’re managerially exposed and vulnerable, and discovering a true meaning of leadership. Being a mindful leader is transformational. This has been the most valuable learning experience and practice in leadership that I’ve received in 20 years.”


Chris Chwee, General Manager, Leighton Contractors

“This book shows us that it truly is possible to be a successful business leader and an aware, compassionate human being. If you are wanting to find a way to authentic happiness and leadership effectiveness this is a great resource.”


Gordon Cairns, Chairman Woolworths Limited & Origin Energy 

“I have studied leadership and led an organisation for a long time, but working with Michael Bunting from WorkSmart has been an eye opener for me. While his approach is really pragmatic, his depth of understanding of leadership and human behaviour is beyond anything I have ever experienced. If you want to get the very best out of your leadership, I simply can not recommend Michael highly enough.”


Deven Billamoria, CEO Smartsalary & 2013 AHRI CEO of the Year 

"The world, more than ever, needs mindful leaders. What are the leadership qualities and attributes that are fostered by mindfulness. How can they be brought about? This outstanding book by Michael Bunting, based on his deep understanding of leadership development as well as the science and practice of mindfulness, provides the answers to those and many other related questions. Read it or give it to people who need to read it."


Dr. Craig Hassed, author of Mindfulness for Life 

"The course has been a life changing experience, personally and professionally. It has opened me up to a new world by giving me a completely new level of awareness and personal insight, that I would not have imagined possible. Through this course I have been able to begin the journey of understanding who I really am and to be able to understand what will make me happy. This has enabled me to know that I am truly on the path to becoming an authentic leader."


Sascha Boldt, National Sales Manager, Novartis Australia 

“I have worked with Michael Bunting for several years. The message in this book reflects the way he lives and teaches - mindfully and insightfully. This book is a wonderful guide on exactly how to fully integrate mindfulness into your life and leadership. Science now tells us that mindfulness has a great impact on personal effectiveness, which in turn is not only good for you, but also for those you lead. ”


Jan Pacas, MD, Hilti Australia, 2015 AHRI CEO of the Year.
The Mindful Leader Foundations Course is a 6-week video program that covers everything from the basics of mindfulness practice through to promoting engagementleading from mindful values, and bringing out the very best in others.
In addition, you’ll develop an understanding of how mindfulness practices can improve every aspect of your life, leading to greater happiness, fulfilment and wellbeing.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you’ll receive in The Mindful Leader Foundations Course bundle (including FOUR high-value bonuses):

6-WEEK VIDEO COURSE: The Mindful Leader Foundations Course

  • 6 insightful weekly video modules, covering all aspects of mindful leadership

  • Practical guidance and hands-on advice you can put into practice immediately

  • Intuitive and easy to follow, with ongoing support


BONUS #1: Mindful Leader PDF Companion Guide

  • 6 easy-to-follow PDF guides to support your video course

  • Perfect for recapping what you've learnt during each module

  • A convenient reference that you can read at your own pace


BONUS #2: Your Weekly Mindfulness Email

  • Get updates on all things mindfulness and leadership

  • A weekly mindfulness message delivered straight to your inbox

  • Handy reminders of what you're learning about on the course


BONUS #3: The 4 Foundations of Mindfulness (Video)

  • This video will explore the core elements of mindfulness

  • You'll learn the 4 key principles upon which mindfulness is based

  • A great way to understand the basics of mindfulness


BONUS #4: Guided Meditations (Audio)

  • Put your knowledge into practice with ‘real’ meditation exercises

  • Start applying what you know about meditation right away

  • Easy to follow at your own pace


To give you an idea of what these incredible insights are worth, consider this - Michael’s one-hour keynote talks on Mindful Leadership cost up to $10,000!


For a limited time only, you can receive The Mindful Leader Foundations Course for just $197.


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So if you’re ready to transform your leadership and improve your life, sign up to The Mindful Leader Foundation Course - and begin your journey today. 
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