The Mastering Mindful Meditation Program
Everything you need to practice mindful meditation like a pro! Brought to you by world-renowned mindfulness expert, Michael Bunting.
This practical, step-by-step guide to mastering the art of mindfulness will quickly take you from mindfulness beginner to accomplished level mindful meditator.

By the end of the program, you'll be equipped with a deep understanding of mindfulness and how to fully integrate it into your life.
About Michael Bunting
Michael is the founder of prominent leadership consultancy WorkSmart Australia. He has trained and coached thousands of leaders - from CEOs to front-line corporate leaders – with a client-base that includes numerous global multinationals. With an outstanding track record in his field, Michael is renowned as a world-leading authority on mindful leadership practices.
Michael has kept a disciplined personal mindfulness practice for over 23 years and has taught mindful leadership to businesses and government for more than 16 years.
What You'll Learn...
This incredibly comprehensive program will teach you ALL of the following - and MORE!
  • How to follow the principles and practices of mindfulness in meditation
  • The exact methods for practicing mindful meditation correctly
  • How to address challenges and avoid pitfalls on your mindfulness journey
  • How you can integrate mindfulness into your everyday life on an ongoing basis
Praise for A Practical Guide to Mindful Meditation
Michael Bunting's groundbreaking book A Practical Guide to Mindful Meditation was the basis for The Mastering Mindful Meditation Program - see what these highly-regarded industry leaders had to say...
"This book is is an absolute treasure! It’s full of incredible exercises and practical suggestions that both a beginner and someone more advanced will love."
- Deven Billimoria
 CEO Smartgroup
"This is the book that I will give to my colleagues, friends and family members who want to learn mindfulness. A brilliant, easy to understand guide."
Spencer Sherman
MBA, CFP, Executive Chairman of Abacus Wealth Partners & Author of "The Cure for Money Madness"
"This is a wonderful beginner’s guide to Mindfulness practice. Easy to read, personal, clear and technically excellent. A great read for those interested in practicing Mindfulness."
- Timothea Goddard
 BA, MBSR teacher and trainer (CFM certified), Director of Openground
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