Michael is an accomplished keynote speaker and is Australia’s leading authority on the subjects of leadership development and mindfulness. While Michael’s approach is well researched and evidence-based, his humour, humility, and gentleness are what opens hearts and transforms his audience. His thought-provoking keynotes always leave people with practical takeaways with options to further read or practice via his books or online programs.

Michael offers several keynotes, with his two main presentations below:

1. Leading Great Workplaces

What you will get from this talk:

  • Understand the significance of workplace engagement both from an ‘economic’ and a ‘wellbeing’ perspective. You will truly understand why you cannot afford to leave this issue unaddressed.
  • Proven data from the world’s most comprehensive leadership research on exactly what kind of leadership creates high performing, high engagement ‘best places to work’.
  • Stories of how real-world leaders have made a difference. Through these stories you will discover exactly what you need to start doing to create high-performing teams and highly-engaged workplaces.
  • An opportunity to examine your own leadership in the context of what the world’s best leadership looks like.
  • Practical tools and tips for improving your leadership immediately.

2. Mindfulness: The Proven Path to Wellbeing and Extraordinary Leadership

What you will get from this talk:

  • Discover the true causes of stress and reactivity and how to address these causes.

  • Exactly how your thinking patterns and habits hijack your physical and emotional well-being, and what to do about it.

  • The brain science behind mindfulness and why it is so critical for brain development.

  • What self-awareness is, and how to practically cultivate it. No fluff, just practical, no nonsense facts and practical applications.

  • The skills and understanding on how to cultivate an authentic mindfulness practice, and in doing so, discover the secrets of self-regulating awareness.

  • Access to resources for ongoing cultivation of mindfulness developed by the speaker (books, online programs, audios etc.)

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Discover the powerful secrets on how to lead and live mindfully with this short and practical summary of Michael’s bestselling book.