Michael Bunting is a globally recognised authority on mindfulness training and business leadership.

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Discover the powerful secrets of effective business leadership and how to gain the benefits of mindfulness with this short and practical summary of Michael’s bestselling book.

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Comprehensive research proves that the style of business leadership Michael and his team teach, accounts for 37% of employee engagement. 

Organisations with highly engaged employees are twice as profitable as those with low engagement. Employee engagement also has a significant impact on wellbeing and health outcomes. 

Can you afford to ignore your business leadership?

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Statement Of Purpose

"Successful organisations operate with care, integrity, and sustainability, and have proud, engaged employees. Simply put, they are healthy – they have a healthy bottom line and a healthy culture.

Research shows that the single, greatest factor that determines the health of organisations is great business leadership. Healthy, effective leaders create productive, profitable organisations. As Thich Nhat Hahn, a famous Zen teacher, said, “When we are well, our wellness spills onto others”.

Michael’s purpose is to create wellness and engagement in organisations. He understands that good leaders are critical in every field: Leaders who have cultivated integrity, vision, discipline, and sincere care for the people they lead. This is why he focusses on mindfulness training and world-class, value-based business leadership. Mindful leadership is central to his approach.

Mindfulness training is the art and science of engagement, awareness, and response-ability. Michael has dedicated the past 23 years of his life to disciplined mindfulness practices and teaching."

Why people engage Michael in the area of business leadership and mindfulness training:

  • He taught leadership and mindfulness to businesses and the government for over 16 years, before mindfulness was even trending, making him the most experienced practitioner in his field.
  • He teaches Mindful Leadership on Sydney University’s #1 ranked executive MBA.
  • He has 23 years of experience in mindfulness training, both as a personal practice and training others. Michael has trained with the world’s best mindfulness teachers and understands mindfulness training at a very deep level.
  • He holds a postgraduate qualification in mindfulness-based psychotherapy, as well as two business degrees.
  • He co-authored a leadership book with the world’s premier leadership researchers, Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner, that details the five disciplines of effective leaders.
  • He recently published two new books on mindfulness and mindful leadership. Both are #1 Amazon Bestsellers, and one, The Mindful Leader, is among the top five business books in Australia.
  • His concepts and principles are renowned for creating genuine change in people and corporations.

Why businesses engage Michael and his team:

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  • Michael and his team at Michael and his team at WorkSmart Australia have been instrumental in helping a wide variety of corporations develop world-class cultures for 16 years. He and his team have made quantifiable improvements in major companies, including Novartis Pharma, Qantas, Hilton Hotels, Rio Tinto, Hilton, Macquarie Bank and many more. Several of his clients have won ‘Best Employer’ awards, proof of their superior business leadership and the benefits of mindfulness.

  • Michael and his team have trained and coached well over 10 000 leaders, including CEOs, senior, middle and front-line leaders.

  • Their approach to mindfulness training is a unique mix of depth, data, and rigorous process. They combine proven research with entertaining but incredibly thought-provoking content and follow it up with world-class change processes.

  • Michael genuinely develops long-term, trust-based relationships with his clients.

Jack Kornfield - PhD, Author of The Wise Heart

A great book for wise and effective leadership. Dynamic, insightful, practical and visionary.

Jack Kornfield

Brian Gladsden - Country President and Managing Director Novartis Australia and New Zealand.

I have worked with Michael specifically in the area of Mindful Leadership and can say with confidence that Michael is the real deal. His deep understanding of the subject is second to none, and his methodology is disciplined and impactful.

Brian Gladsden

Jan Pacas MD, Hilti Australia, 2015 AHRI CEO of the Year.

I have worked with Michael Bunting for several years. The message in this book reflects the way he lives and teaches - mindfully and insightfully. This book is a wonderful guide on exactly how to fully integrate mindfulness into your life and leadership. Science now tells us that mindfulness has a great impact on personal effectiveness, which in tern is not only good for you, but also for those you lead.

Jan Pacas

Russ Hudson - Co-author of The Wisdom of the Enneagram and Collaborator for The Awakened Company

Michael Bunting is at the cutting edge of a new wave of business leadership that is developing more conscious, responsible, and dynamic organizations. His brilliant book shows us that outward success and a life of integrity and compassion are completely compatible, and that a deeper integration of our outer and inner lives is necessary for the future of our planet. This is a book for all those who truly wish to find a way to live and lead more consciously in the business world.

Russ Hudson

Deven Billmoria, CEO Smartsalary.

I have studied leadership and led an organisation for a long time, but working with Michael Bunting from WorkSmart has been an eye opener for me. While his approach is really pragmatic, his depth of understanding of leadership and human behaviour is beyond anything I have ever experienced. I simply cannot recommend Michael highly enough.

Deven Billmoria

Peter Maher, Former head of Macquarie Business & Financial Services

We have undertaken a number of leadership programs over the last decade but none with the lasting personal as well as business impact of that undertaken by Michael and the WorkSmart team. The deep and relatively challenging work (in terms of the whole person) that they teach made a difference that even the most hard bitten and cynical could appreciate and feel.

Peter Maher

Jane Lewis, Director - People & Development, Allens Law Firm

The keynote received very positive feedback and was one of the conference highlights for many participants. Michael is an engaging speaker and his content is both compelling and challenging and he delivers it with passion, empathy and humour.
Jane Lewis
11-scientifically web 3

Discover the powerful secrets of effective business leadership and how to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness with this short and practical summary of Michael’s bestselling book.